Tech Lead experience

  • Designing micro-service based architecture with taking into account CAP theorem, PACELC theorem and technical trade-offs
  • Initial development of micro-services using functional programming libraries and based on the principle of least power. Involving other team members to perform further development of the micro-services
  • Development and implementation of the strategy for the migration of monolithic applications into applications based on micro-services
  • Development and implementation of the strategy for the migration applications from bare metal setup to Kubernetes Cluster
  • Developer mentoring. Creating a development plan to help grow a developer with skills in static types, type safety and functional programming
  • Work on improving the understanding of statically typed functional concepts and abstractions in a team. Develop simple examples to bring the main ideas to the team

Team Lead experience

  • Analysis and identification of problems in the workflow of a team
  • Implementing Scrum in a team. The changes can help achieve transparency of the process and predictability of results after a 2-week sprint. This can also have a positive effect on delivery time of products
  • Operating in a team as a Scrum Master
  • Establishing regular one-on-one meetings every 2 weeks with each team member to identify potential problems in the team, give feedback, motivate and convey the vision
  • Identification and removal of individual islands of isolated knowledge (when only one team member was able to maintain a certain piece of functionality). Removing such practices allowed the team members to be replaceable, and the whole team to be more flexible. As a side effect, the architecture of the individual components has improved
  • Establishing and moderating the necessary meetings for the technical discussion within the team (Technical Reviews and Architectural meetings)
  • Establishing On-Call duties in a team with appropriate compensation
  • Calibrate the performance of team members with an annual salary increase and bonuses
  • Replacing external consultants with internal engineers and solving problems using internal resources
  • Recruitment, Interviewing and Hiring

Engineering experience

Languages and libraries




  • Functional programming libraries: Arrow
  • Http server/client libraries: http4k


Backing services and systems


Techniques and practices of designing

  • Type projections and dependent types in Scala 2
  • Recursion schemes and traversals for fixed point data structures